PRE-K BALLET:  Introduction to dance and movement for the small child, pre-ballet focuses on motor skills, coordination, balance, and preparatory ballet movements, positions and terminology.  Ages: 3-4

BALLET: This is the base for all forms of dance, and it is highly recommended. Class is comprised of barre, center, and combinations in both adagio and allegro, which stress proper body alignment, strength, flexibility, and muscular control.  Kindergarten and up.

POINTE:  Students may advance to pointe after developing sufficient strength in their feet, ankles, and core.  Placement is by teacher recommendation only.  A technique class is strongly suggested in addition to pointe.   Students must take at least two classes of ballet per week to be enrolled in pointe. 7th grade and up (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4).

TECHNIQUE:  Focusing more intensely on the basics and fine details, technique stresses body alignment, improves strength, and develops muscular control.  This class will not perform a dance in the recital. 4th grade and up.

LYRICAL:  This form of dance expresses the meaning of the lyrics through movement. 7th grade and up: Level 2/3/4.

CONTEMPORARY: This form of dance combines both lyrical and modern dance techniques. 4th grade and up.  

TAP:  Dancers will develop rhythm, timing, and musicality while performing toe tapping combinations that build in speed and difficulty. Kindergarten and up.  

JAZZ:  This form of dance gets its roots from African dance which in turn has influenced Broadway choreography.  Usually done to fun and upbeat music, jazz has an emphasis on syncopation, improvisation, and rhythm.  Kindergarten and up.

HIP-HOP:  This cutting edge form of street dance is most often characterized by the dancing seen in music videos. Heavily influenced by jazz and break dancing, hip-hop focuses on individuality. 2nd grade and up. 

MUSICAL THEATRE:  Think Broadway! This class works on performance styles that are found in musicals. Performance and expression in dance is explored along with a chance to study famous musical classics. 4th grade and up.

LEAPS & TURNS:  This class works on the detailed technique needed to improve your leaps and turns. 4th grade and up.

CONDITIONING:  Get ready to sweat! This class will get your heart rate up and work your muscles as well. Level 1 and up.

QUICK STUDY DEVELOPMENT:  Want to work on your skills to pick up choreography quickly? This class will focus on skills such as weight placement, direction changes, counts, musicality, and using your plie to do steps full out. Combos will be given in class along with tips to help the dancer infuse the steps into the brain and body.